Our specialists can offer you innovative and tailor-made structured solutions.


We offer various solutions to meet your requirements and preferences. You can opt for a discretionary management mandate, an advisory management mandate or a “Trading & Execution” service.



Discretionary management

Would you like to manage your capital in the best conditions?

With a discretionary management mandate, you completely delegate the management of your portfolio to your professional manager. The investment decisions are made in line with your objectives and risk tolerance.

We offer a wide range of strategies to meet your needs.

Advisory management

Would you like to take advantage of objective advice, which is tailored to your investor profile? Are you looking for flawless execution of your instructions, as quickly as possible?
You will be able to rely on a proactive, cutting-edge service from your personal adviser.

With an advisory management mandate, you are actively involved in the investment process. This can take the form of a personal strategy or a plan that has been prepared with your adviser.
Your personal adviser will put forward investment ideas (in shares, bonds, funds, hedge funds, derivatives, structured products ...) that are on a par with your investment objectives and risk profile, and you are then free to make your own decisions.
We have adopted an open-architecture approach, which ensures that you benefit from the best choice of managers in a completely transparent and independent manner.

The “Trading & Execution” service

You are responsible for building and managing your investment portfolio and you decide on the transactions to be implemented.

We execute your decisions with your best interests in mind by buying or selling the selected instruments (exchange, shares, bonds, funds, derivatives, raw materials, etc.)